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How to boost your mojo

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Trading is not a 9-5 job that finishes when you stop…it never sleeps. When you’re not trading, you’re reading and learning to get better. But there are times (if there haven’t been already) when your motivation is low… Here are a couple of ways to boost it quickly and get back on the horse!

Set and adjust goals

It’s always good to know where you’re going. Where is it you want to end up. It gives your work a trajectory that you then follow. But with time, the light at the end of the tunnel begins to dim and with it – the incentive. This is when you should look at your targets and either adjust them according to new circumstances, or add more milestones, so the goal again becomes more attainable. After all – everything is easier step by step.

Talk with a mentor you admire

This can dramatically increase your motivation and stimulate you to move forward. Seeing someone who (chances are) has been where you are now and listening to their advice is a good boost of inspiration.

Be around successful people

Surrounding yourself with an aspirational crowd can help remind you where you can get to if you put your mind to it and really go for it. It can be a nice bolster when you see people that you aspire to be like. So start attending seminars, networking events and such to get yourself back into the mindset of a PRO.

Try something (anything) new

It can be something new within the trading sphere (like investing in a new stock), or it can be as far away from it as possible (like a cooking course or dancing). The trick here is that when you try new things – it helps you be more flexible and adaptable instead of becoming rigid. And being able to ‘move’ with the market is a crucial skill in trading.

Get the annoying thing over and done with

Even in the most fulfilling jobs and careers there are things that are so annoying to do that procrastinating takes over and we put them off for days and days at a time. This slowly then develops into an obstacle to enjoying the thing that we were doing in the first place. The solution is to bear down and get it done straight away – like ripping off a plaster.

These are only a few things that can get you back on your motivational track, but there are many more out there – what you need is anything that will shake up your world and give you a boost.

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